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PAC Recommendation report in 2016

PAC Recommendation report in 2015

Latest version (v18) of BUR for run16 and run17

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CAD Projection in 01/06/2017
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CAD Luminosity Project (2014)
For other species not listed in the document, a rule-of-thumb is to assume that parton luminosity 
is the same: A+B luminosity is Lum_pp/(A*B). 

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STAR Run 16-17 BUR

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Dear STAR Collaborators:

I am writing to announce the formation of the Run 16-17 Beam Use Request Committee. The committee is charged with providing a BUR document for RHIC run 16 and run 17 with the planned guideline of 22 cryo-weeks for run 16, and two possible options of 15 and 22 cryo-weeks for run17.

In the last BUR, STAR presented a request for run16 with 10 weeks of Au+Au at 200GeV and 7 weeks of p+p at 510GeV, envisioning a shut-down in run17 for preparation of BES II in run 18 and run 19. The current plan calls for an additional run17 with a BES II program in run 19 and run 20. Progresses in scientific results, detector developments and installations relevant to the programs in BUR should be documented. An initial draft of BUR should be available in May 10 for collaboration review, and a final version should be submitted to PAC in May 19.

The committee members are: Elke Aschenauer, Helen Caines, Dan Cebra, Xin Dong, Jim Drachenberg, Renee Fatemi (co-chair), Frank Geurts, Daniel Kikola, Flemming Videbaek, Lijuan Ruan, Alex Schmah, Ernst Sichtermann, Fuqiang Wang, Gang Wang, Nu Xu, Zhangbu Xu (co-chair).  

Progress and updates will be available at: 

Zhangbu Xu

-----Original Message-----

From: Mueller, Berndt

Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 9:58 PM

To: James Nagle; Morrison, David; Xu, Zhangbu; Ernst Sichtermann

Cc: Roser, Thomas; Fischer, Wolfram; Dunlop, James C

Subject: BURs for Run 16 & 17


Dear RHIC Spokespersons:


I am writing again to update my request for the beam use requests for the coming RHIC runs.


In consultation with the Office of Nuclear Physics we have decided to make a change to the future RHIC run schedule. Specifically, we now plan to run RHIC in both FY16 and FY17, followed by one year (FY18) without a RHIC run during which the low energy RHIC electron cooling (LEReC) system will be installed. The high statistics Beam Energy Scan II is then planned for the years FY19 and FY20. The modified plan will allow for a less aggressive schedule of the LEReC project. It will also relax the conflict between the heavy ion and spin physics programs of RHIC that remained unresolved at last year’s PAC meeting.


I request that you submit the annual beam use requests by May 19, 2015. The BURs should be for a 22-week RHIC run in FY16, and either a 15-week or a 22-week RHIC run in FY17.


I also ask the STAR Collaboration to present the iTPC proposal to the PAC and to provide an update on experimental efforts aimed at exploring possible phenomenological manifestations of the chiral magnetic effect.


Both collaborations should present a tentative schedule for the release of results from the data taken in runs 13 and 14 (p+p, Au+Au 15, Au+Au 200, 3He+Au).


Thanks, Berndt