2008.04.02 EEMC SMD shapes: data-driven (eta, gamma-jet) vs Monte Carlo (single gamma, gamma-jet)

Ilya Selyuzhenkov April 02, 2008

Some observations:

  1. SMD data-driven shapes from eta-meson and gamma-jet studies
    are in a good agreement for different preshower conditions
    (compage Fig.1 green circles/triangles in upper-left/bottom-right plots)
  2. single gamma MC shapes show preshower dependance,
    but they are still narrower compared to the data shapes
    (compare Fig.1 green circles vs blue open squares)
  3. MC shapes for gamma-jet and single gamma are consistent (Fig.1, bottom right plot)


Figure 1: EEMC SMD shape comparison for various preshower cuts
Note:Only MC gamma-jet shape (open red squares) is the same on all plots