2009.08.25 Test of corrected EEMC geometry: shower shapes

Test of corrected EEMC geometry (bug 1618)

Monte-Carlo setup is desribed here

  • One particle per event (photons, electrons, and pions)
  • Full STAR 2006 geometry.
    In Kumac file: detp geom y2006g; gexec $STAR_LIB/geometry.so
  • Flat in eta (1.08-2.0), phi (0,2pi), and pt (3-30 GeV)
  • Using A2Emaker to get reconstructed Tower/SMD energy (no EEMC SlowSimulator in chain)
    what assumes fixed sampling fraction of 0.05 (5%)
  • Vertex z=0
  • ~50K/per particle type
  • Non-zero energy: 3 sigma above pedestal

Figure 1:Single photon shower shape before (red) and after (black) EEMC cAir bug fixed
pt=7-8GeV, eta=1.2-1.4 (left), eta=1.6-1.8 (right)

Figure 2: Single photon shower shape vs. data
Monte-Carlo: pt=7-10GeV, eta=1.6-1.8
data: no pre-shower1,2; pt_photon>7, pt_jet>5. no eta cuts.
(see Fig. 1 from here for other pre-shower conditions)