2009.12.08 Low EM timing study: 10KeV vs. 100KeV cut settings

Conclusions/dicsussion at the emc2 hypernew:

List of LOW_EM cuts and defaults

Low EM cut configurations (values in GeV)

  1. NoCuts: Default STAR geometry EM cuts
  2. LOW_EM:100KeV: All LOW_EM cuts are set to 100KeV
  3. LOW_EM:10KeV: (default) LOW_EM cuts (10KeV)
  4. DCUTE: All cuts are set to 10KeV, except for electron delta-rays DCUTE = 100KeV

QCD hard processes timing

Pythia QCD Monte-Carlo:

  • Pythia pp@500GeV 2->2 hard QCD processes for parton pt>15GeV
  • Full STAR y2009a (latest EEMC, v6.1 and TPC, v04 geometries)
  • 50 events per file, 100 jobs
  • BFC options and kumac details are here

Figure 1: QCD Total (GEANT/GSTAR+bfc) timing (seconds/event)

Figure 2: QCD GEANT/GSTAR timing (seconds/event)

Figure 3: QCD bfc.C timing (seconds/event)

EEMC single photon timing

EEMC single photons Monte-Carlo

  • One photon per event
  • Full STAR y2006h (latest EEMC, v6.1 and TPC, v04 geometries)
  • flat in eta (1.08, 2.0), phi (0, 2pi), and energy (5-35 GeV)
  • 250 events per file, 200 jobs

Figure 4: EEMC single photon Total (GEANT/GSTAR+bfc) timing (seconds/event)

Figure 5: EEMC single photon GEANT/GSTAR timing (seconds/event)

Figure 6: EEMC single photon bfc.C timing (seconds/event)