2010.02.16 Pythia and BFC filter QA vs. gamma candidate pt and eta

QCD and gamma-jet data samples and filter configurtions are given here

Note: for this study I have used ideal EEMC gains (no gain shift/spread)

Note on trigger effect intepretation:
There is no requirement for the Pythia gamma-jet sample to have direct gamma
headed to the EEMC, only requirement is to have a gamma candidate in the EEMC,
so the away side jet may also contribute.

Figure 1: pt distribution of the gamma candidates
for Pythia/Bfc level filter and triggered events
Event cuts: at least one gamma candidate, |v_z| <120
Left: Pythia gamma-jet MC; (right) 2->2 Pythia QCD
Lower plots: fraction of accepted gamma candidates by filter/trigger
No parton pt weights (= ignore bumps in pt distribution for gamma-jet sample)

Figure 2: Rapidity distribution of the gamma candidates (Same conditions as in Fig. 1)

Figure 3: pt distribution of false rejection for Pythia/Bfc filters
Candidate cuts: at least one gamma candidate, l2gamm-trigger=fired, |v_z| <120
Most of false rejection (~ 1-3% for QCD) is for gamma candidates with pt < 8GeV