StEemcGammaFilterMaker (BFC level Endcap gamma filter)

StEemcGammaFilterMaker big full chain (BFC) Endcap gamma filter

Code is accessible in CVS/STRoot: StEemcGammaFilterMaker.h / StEemcGammaFilterMaker.cxx

Parameter can be stored in the data base (see eemcGammaFilterMakerParams.idl file),
but this is not enabled in the current implementation.

Basic idea of StEemcGammaFilterMaker algo:

  • Search for the 3x3 tower cluster with high tower and cluster Et above thresholds

Available parameters to vary:
Seed energy threshold (mSeedEnergyThreshold, GeV)
Cluster eT threshold (mClusterEtThreshold GeV)
Maximum z vertex (mMaxVertex, cm)

Macro to run StEemcGammaFilterMaker with BFC
(fixes the problem of loading StJetSkimEvent library):