Cross Section Analysis

On the pages listed below I'm going to try to keep track of the work towards measuring the cross section for inclusive pion production in pp collisions from run 6.  I'll try to keep the posts in chronological order, so posts near the bottom are more recent than posts near the top. 

  1. Data Sets
  2. Candidate Level Comparisons
  3. Special attention to Zgg
  4. Data/Full Pythia Inv. Mass comparison (1st try)
  5. 'Jigsaw' Inv Mass Plot (1st try)
  6. 'Jigsaw' Inv Mass Plot (2nd try)
  7. 'Jigsaw' Inv Mass Plot (final)
  8. Correction Factor (Efficiency)
  9. Concerning the 'floating' mass peak and Zgg
  10. Fully Corrected Yields
  11. Systematic Uncertainties from Background Subtraction and Correction Factor (The Baysian Way)
  12. Systematic Uncertainty from BEMC energy scale
  13. Systematic from Cut variations
  14. Total Errors and Plot
  15. Preliminary Plot
  16. Preliminary Presentation
  18. Comparison with Other Results
  19. Mass peak Data/MC comparison
  20. Concerning the High-Mass Tail on the Pion Peak