Run 9 commissioning plan

Run 9 500 GeV Commission plan (start of draft)  Not necessarily time ordered
or prioritized

Establish collisions

Develop Minbias trigger

BBC as lumi and polarimeter
  Commission and test scalers 
  Look for analyzing power -  need > 30%? pol

FMS triggers and commissioning

EMC commissioning

  Need minbias trigger to start - pol irrelevant
  Timing Scan
    Need stable beam background conditions - 2nd half of store?
    Guess 4 hrs?  scan both at same time
    need EEMC and BEMC experts available
    1 day min. to produce and check
    Requires fast offline production of data on short time scale

  HV adjustments and calibrations
    Needs timing scan complete and set
    Need minbias trigger - "low" backgrounds
    1hr of beam - 3 succesive days
    day of analysis of each run
    Need calo experts and analyzers

Polarimetry commissioning in addition to BBC
  ZDC -
    signals into DAQ/trg
    establish trigger
    5-10M events with P>25%
    min 1 day of analysis - try to analyze from trigger data
    Suggest optimized trigger
    Longer run after seeing analysis of first data (~1 day)
    Needs detector and analysis experts
    signals into DAQ/trg
    signals at scalers
    runs parasiticaly
    Time to have answer few shifts of beam over few days?
    Needs detector and analysis experts

Commission high level calo triggers
  Needs calibration steps done
  set thresholds based on rate scans - needs 1/2 a store

  check for an mask hot towers at L0 and L2
  monitor and analyze for a day
  check L2 algos
  confirm all ready to go
  need L2 experts, calo experts

Criteria to switch to longitudinal
  Some polarimeter working well enough to measure transverse components
  Sufficient data to evaluate alternate polarimeters

Priorities?  Time ordering?  What can go in parallel?  What could
but is prevented from going in parallel due to overlap of people?