2010.07.22 Run 6 EEMC gamma-filtered simulation request

Submitted run-6 photon-jet simulation request for spin physics

Request last updated on Aug 19, 2010

Run 6 EEMC gamma-filtered simulation request summary

Total resources estimate for QCD with 1/pb and prompt-photon with 10/pb suimulations:

  • CPU: 4.2 CPU years (2.2 weeks of running on a 100 CPUs)
  • Disk space: 0.15Tb
  • Numbe of filtered events: 0.74M
 partonic pt
                QCD                                 prompt photon                 
  total Pythia total Pythia
2-3 0 0 30K 110K
3-4 0 0 36K 95K
4-6 130K 5.5M 76K 140K
6-9 240K 3.7M 40K 60K
9-15 150K 1.4M 10K 12K
15-35 23K 100K 1K 3K

Latest filter bias/timing test and simulation request spreasheet

  1. EEMC simulation spreadsheet and timing tests
  2. Pythia/bfc filter bias
  3. Pythia tunes comparison agains data (CDF-Tune-A vs. Perugia0)
  4. Estimate of the contribution from lowerst partonic pt, pt<4GeV (see Fig. 6)
  5. L2-Endcap-gamma filter emulation study with single photon Monte-Carlo
  6. Bias tests with pi0 finder (last updated May 14, 2010)
  7. Combined Ru6/Run9 request

Note: These and all other studies are linked from here

Filter code in cvs

Run 6 GMT timestamps

See this study for more details and plots

Request an equal fraction (10%) for each of the 10 timestamps below:
sdt20060516.152000 (GMT during run 7136022)
sdt20060518.073700 (GMT during run 7138010)
sdt20060520.142000 (GMT during run 7140024)
sdt20060521.052000 (GMT during run 7141011)
sdt20060522.124500 (GMT during run 7142029)
sdt20060523.204400 (GMT during run 7143044)
sdt20060525.114000 (GMT during run 7145023)
sdt20060526.114000 (GMT during run 7146020)
sdt20060528.144500 (GMT during run 7148028)
sdt20060602.071500 (GMT during run 7153015)

------------------------  REQUEST DETAILS BELOW ----------------------------------------

prompt photons and QCD simulations

Request TypeEvent generator simulation, with filtering
General Information


Request ID  
Priority: EC 0
Priority: pwg High
Status New
Physics Working Group Spin
Requested by Photon group for SPIN PWG
Contact email(s) ilya.selyuzhenkov@gmail.com, bridgeman@hep.anl.gov
Contact phone(s)  
PWG email(s) starspin-hn@www.star.bnl.gov
Assigned Deputy: Not assigned
Assigned Helper: Not assigned




Endcap photon-jets request


Global Simulation Settings


Request type: Event generator simulation, with filtering
Number of events See list for each partonic pt bins
Magnetic Field


Collision Type


Centrality ---- SELECT CENTRALITY ----
BFC tags

trs fss y2006h Idst IAna l0 tpcI fcf ftpc Tree logger ITTF Sti VFPPV bbcSim tofsim tags emcY2 EEfs evout -dstout IdTruth geantout big fzin MiniMcMk eemcDb beamLine clearmem

Production ---- SELECT PRODUCTION TAG ----
Geometry: simu y2006h
Geometry: reco y2006h
Library use library with approved filter code checked in
Vertex option

Leave vertex to be reconstructed vertex, and use VFPPVnoCTB with beamline

Pileup option No
Detector Set



Data Sources
MC Event Generator


Event generator Pythia
Extra options

Additional libraries required for Eemc-gamma Pythia-level filter

gexec $ROOTSYS/lib/libCint.so
gexec $ROOTSYS/lib/libCore.so
gexec $ROOTSYS/lib/libMathCore.so
gexec $ROOTSYS/lib/libMatrix.so
gexec $ROOTSYS/lib/libPhysics.so
gexec .sl53_gcc432/lib/StMCFilter.so // filter library

Prompt photon Pythia processes:
MSUB (14)=1
MSUB (18)=1       
MSUB (29)=1       
MSUB (114)=1      
MSUB (115)=1

QCD 2->2 Pythia processes:
MSUB (11) = 1
MSUB (12) = 1      
MSUB (13) = 1      
MSUB (28) = 1
MSUB (53) = 1      
MSUB (68) = 1

Pro-pT0 Pythia tune:
call pytune(329)

Vertex Z, cm -120 < Vertex < 120
Gaussian sigma in X,Y,Z if applicable

0, 0, 55  200 GeV

Vertex offset: x, mm 0.0cm
Vertex offset: y, mm -0.3cm
Φ (phi), radian 0 < Φ < 6.29
η (eta) Default  (include Barrel, Endcap, BBC)
Pt bin, GeV See list above for QCD and g-jet samples
Macro file Pythia gamma-filter code:


BFC gamma-filter code:


Private bfc: /star/u/seluzhen/star/spin/MCgammaFilter/scripts/bfc.C