14 ---- MIP gains ver=1.6 , 90% of 4800 tiles ----


 BPRS absolute gains using TPC MIPs & BTOW MIP cut, ver 1.6 , 2008 pp data

Technical Documentation of the Offline QA Shift Reports


 This page is meant to document technical details of files and databases used by the Offline QA Browser.

Technical Documentation of the Offline QA Browser


This page is meant to document technical details of files and databases used by the Offline QA Browser. The databases reside on the duvall server.

13 MIP algo, ver=1.1 (example of towers)


This is an illustration of improvement of MIP finding efficiency if ADC gates are set on BPRS & BTOW at the places matched to actual gains instead of  fixed 'ideal' location.

Yield Extraction and Correction systematic


FGT. . . . . . . . . . H A R D W A R E -- S L O W C O N T R O L S


 Documentation of FGT Slow Controls Subsystem

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12 MIP gains ver1.0 (all tiles, also BTOW)


 This is still work in progress, same algo as on previous post.

Fully Corrected Yields

 Ok, now we're cooking.  Most of the ingredients are in place.

Reconstruction and Trigger Efficiency Correction Factor

 Now that I have my raw pion spectrum (see here) I need to proceed

Jigsaw Inv Mass Plots (final)

 As noted here and here, the pion peak is difficult to model using single-particle MC.  In single particle studies, the pion inv mass peak is reconstructed to narrow.

Energy fraction in NxN cluster within r=0.7 radius

Energy fraction in NxN cluster within r=0.7 radius

Figure 1a: 2x1/0.7 ratio

2009 algo upgrade 1


 The following deficit of the CVS version of PPV have been corrected for in December of 2008

11 BPRS absolute gains from MIP, ver1.0 ( example of towers)


 BPRS absolute gains from MIP, v

02 BTOW swaps ver=1.3


Example of MIP peak for BTOW towers pointed by TPC MIP track: Spectra for 4800 towers (raw &

Potential distortions at projected luminosities for different species


Here I show the expected distortions in the STAR TPC as represented by the pointing error of tracks to the primary vertex (otherwise known as the DCA) due to experienced (star symbols) and projecte

BEMC Related Studies

My initial attempt at pinpointing the causes of the 'floating' pion mass examined, as possible causes, the fit function, an artificial increase in the opening angle, and the BEMC energy resolution.

10 -------- BPRS swaps take2, _AFTER_ applying Rory's swaps


 2nd Correction of BPRS mapping (after Rory's corrections are applied).

  • INPUT: ~7 days of fmsslow-triggered events, days 64-70, 120 runs

09 BPRS swaps, IGNORING Rory's finding from 2007, take 1


This page is kept only for the record- information here is obsolete.

This analysis does not accounts for BPRS swaps discovered by Rory's in 2007, defau

Run 9 Preparation and Jobs List

Green = complete   Red = currently critical

08 BPRS ped calculation using average


Comparison of accuracy of pedestal calculation using Gauss fit & plain average of all data.