07 BPRS peds vs. time


Fig 1. Change of BPRS pedestal over ... within the same fill, see softID~1000

06 MIP algo ver 1.1


 TPC based MIP algo was devised to calibrate BPRS tiles.

Details of the algo are in 1st PDF,

05 ---- peds(softID,capID) & status table, ver=2.2, R9067013


INPUT: st_hysics events from run=9067013

04 BPRS sees beam background?


The pair of plots below demonstrates BPRS pedestal residua are very clean once peds for 128 caps are used and this 5% capID corruption is detected and fixed event by event.

03 tagging desynchronized capID


BPRS Polygraph detecting corrupted capIDs.

Goal: tag events with desynchronized CAP id, find correct cap ID


STAR database inrastructure improvements proposal


STAR database improvements proposal

QA plots Rho (October 21 2008)


Some QA plots for Rho:

MiniDst files are at PDSF under the path /eliza13/starprod/embedding/p06ib/MiniDst/rho_101/*.minimc.root

02 pedestal(capID)


 Run 9067013, 30K st_physics events, spectra accumulated separately for every cap.

Top plot pedestal (channel), bottom plot integral of pedestal peak to total spectrum.

Z disk location accuracy


Propagation of the Z hit location inaccuracy  on to the error of predicted Rxy location of the Endcap EM shower.



A few tools and middleware and deployed on our nodes for monitoring, sanity or integraty checking purposes.

01 DB peds R9069005, 9067013


 Pedestal residua for 434 zero-bias events from run 9069005.

The same pedestal for all caps was used - as implemented in the offline DB.


Comparisons between STAR and PHENIX

 This is a page that Thomas will edit to work on comparisons between STAR and PHENIX Non-Photonic electrons

production of binary events for L2 algos


 Here is prescription how to convert any muDst to the binary event format, needed to run L2-algos stand alone (by multiTest.C)



Some QA Plots for D0 located under the path :


/eliza12/starprod/embedding/P06ib/D0_002_1216876386/ -> Directory empty

PPV vs. VPD , by Xin


Fig 1. VPD-Minuit, d-Au 2008 events, minB events: ZDC East+VPD


Event size estimation


 Estimation of FGT event size for pp events @ 500 GeV is 20KB/eve after ZS, physics event will use 80% of this volume.

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FGT . . . . . . . . . . DAQ


 DAQ related information for FGT


SPIN 2008 Talk for Neutral Pions

Hi all-

My Spin 2008 talk and proceedings can be found below.


v2 reflects updates based on comments from SPIN pwg and others

01 changes to L2 algos from last year


 * verify every aborting algo is using random accept prescale based on prescale method and is randomly initialize upon start.

2009 pp run

  •  pre-run 2009 L2 code release , January 15, 2009, by Ross 
  • L2 mapping used in 2009 data taking, 56 BTOW towers were swapped (attachment 1)