Concerning the 'floating' mass peak and Zgg


Explore the pt-dependent mean mass position in data and MC and perhaps draw some conclusions about the quality of our simulations.


7 PR track plots with UPGR16 & fixed barrel


Geometry= UPGR16, 6 FGT disks , fixed barrel geometry.

Single electrons, 20 GeV ET, thrown at eta=0, 0.4, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0

Fig 1, Z vertex=0

Special Attention Ought to be Paid to Zgg

The collaboration has concerns about the SMD, and not without reason.  They, they SMDs, have been notoriously hard to understand and model.

Cut Variation Tests


To test the stability of the cross section measurement to changes in the analysis cuts and, if necessary, assign a systematic uncertainty for cut variations.

Early Studies


Jigsaw Fits (2nd try)

 Following up from this post concerning the modeling of the invariant m

6 radiation length study for UPGR16 + SSD


Study of the dead material in front and behind FGT.

3 versions of GEANT geometries were investigated:

TPC Pt and DCA resolution

[Update on 2010-06-21: global track momentum resolution has now also been studied using Cosmic rays study, version 2, with some as yet unexplained good performance at very high pT

TPC performance

 Documentation on performance of the TPC

Candidate Level Comparisons


Data/Filtered Pythia Inv. Mass Distributions


Data Vs. T2 Platinum (see here)


Run 9

Collect documentation on run 9 here.


<z> Details

<z> Details


New Requests


In the near future we hope to have a dedicated drupal module available for entering embedding (and simulation) requests.

Current Requests


Current Requests were either submitted using the cgi web interface before it had to be removed (September 2007) or via email to the embedding-hn hypernews list.

Operations (OBSOLETE)


The full list of STAR embedding requests (Since August, 2010):

01 statistical analysis of 2008 HV


 Goal: study eta dependence of 2008 BTOW HV

Fig 1 Eta-phi distribution of HV

Run 8 BTOW Calibration (2008)


 2008 BTOW calibrations 

  1. BTOW HV used in 2008 are in the file »

20 BSMD saturation


 The isolated BSMD cluster algo allows to select different range of tower energy cluster as shown in Fig.1

general routing for the top and bottom GEM, August 16,


 these Gerber files  show the general routing for the top and bottom GEM foil layers plus a representative sample of the GE