2) BSMDE , 1+3+1 sliding cluster finder


 Goal: test SMDE cluster finder  on single particles M-C

Input: single particle per event, fixed ET=6 GeV, flat eta [-0.1,1.1], flat  |phi| <5 deg, 5k eve per sample, Geant geometry y2006

Cluster finder algo (seed is sliding fixed window), tuned on pi0 events

  • work with 150 Eta-strips per module
  • all strips are marked as 'unused'
  • use only module 13, covering ~1/3 of probed phase space
  1. sum geant dE in fixed window of 3 unused strips, snap at location which maximizes the energy
  2. if sum below 5 keV STOP searching for clusters in this module
  3. add energy from one strip on each side, mark all 1+3+1 strips as 'used'
  4. compute energy weighted  cluster position and RMS
  5. goto 1

Example of BSMDE response for pi0:

strID=1932 u=0 ene/keV=0
strID=1933 u=1 ene/keV=0    +
strID=1934 u=1 ene/keV=2.0  *
strID=1935 u=1 ene/keV=48.2 *X
strID=1936 u=1 ene/keV=3.9  *
strID=1937 u=1 ene/keV=0.8  +
strID=1937 u=0 ene/keV=0
strID=1938 u=0 ene/keV=0
strID=1939 u=2 ene/keV=1.5  +
strID=1940 u=2 ene/keV=8.2  *
strID=1941 u=2 ene/keV=28.1 *X
strID=1942 u=2 ene/keV=13.8 *
strID=1943 u=2 ene/keV=4.0  +
strID=1944 u=0 ene/keV=5.6  
strID=1945 u=0 ene/keV=0.5
strID=1946 u=0 ene/keV=0
strID=1947 u=0 ene/keV=0




any cluster found in the module, all events

Fig 1a

only events with exactly 2 found clusters 

Fig 1b


. Fig 2a Fig 2b


. Fig 3a Fig 3b