01 BTOW HV Mapping


We started at the beginning of the run to verify the mapping between the HV cell Id and the softId it corresponds to. To begin, Stephen took 7 runs with all towers at 300V below nominal voltage except for softId % 7 == i, where i was different for each run. Here are the runs that were used:

softId%7 Run Number Events
1 10062047 31k
2 10062048 50k
3 10062049 50k
4 10062050 50k
5 10062051 50k
6 10062060 100k
0 10062061 100k


We used the attached file 2009_i0.txt (converted to csv) as the HV file. This file uses the voltages from 2008 and has swaps from 2007 applied. Swaps indentified were not applied and will be used to verify the map check.

File 2009_i0c.txt contains some swaps identified by the analysis of these runs.

File 2009_i1c.txt contains adjusted HV settings based on the electron/mip analysis with same mapping as 2009_i0c.txt.

Final 2009 BTOW HV set on March 14=day=73,  Run 10073039 , HV file: 2009_i2d.csv