offline DB upload (write)


 Loose notes helping Justin in uploading of the offline DB tables for Endcap


1) Monitoring current content of DB,


use web interface: 

The following query selects pedestal tables for sector 1 (element ID) for year 2007+ 

results with just 2 tables:

  • the official (just one) table for 2007 run (flavor 'ofl') valid since April 5, 4:40 pm  GMT   (note it is not EST)
  • test table ( flavor=online  ) for 2008 run, valid since February 22

If you click on 'Control' you will see the content of this table, but I rarely do that


2) Upload  new tables to DB

  • need special DB write privileges, only Jan Y Justin have such.
  •  setenv DB_ACCESS_MODE write
  • execute _working_ version of eemcDb with proper params
  • you do NOT need any more the dbServer.xml file pointing to robinson.db, so do NOT have it in your main directory

Note, the last successfully compiled and working eemcDb is located at:

/star/u/balewski/dbaseIO-2008-sc.starp/eemcDb - use it as long as it works.

The source code is at sc.starp , user=sysuser, directory: junk2/


Good luck,