BNL, April 26 - May 10, 2001

Status History for FTPC in MDC4


Purpose - MDC4 gave us the opportunity to test the performance and stability of our reconstruction chain with a large amount of simulated data before real data taking begins. It was the first large scale test of our slow simulator and cluster finder.

MDC4 Datasets - Dataset A (20,000 Au+Au MEVSIM events), DataSet B (100,000 pp PYTHIA events) and Dataset C (Au+Au peripheral STARLIGHT events) were processed in MDC4

BFC Chains - The FTPC ran only in the Au+Au BFC chain since our simulators can not handle pile-up

starnew new->SL00d

ROOT 3.00.06

bfc.C(#events,"MDC4","input dataset")

Identified Reconstruction Tasks

Implement StAssociationMaker

Pileup - we have to add pileup to our simulators in order to process pp simulation data (Contact: Akio,Jan)

Chisq - determine the correct values for the $STAR/StarDb/ftpc/ftpcClusterPars.C parameters 

Reconstructed Datasets on FTPC BNL Cluster

There are 80 MEVSIM events in /cassini/data1/MDC4/Gstar/rcf0181_01_80evts.fzd

A complete set of output *.root files for these 80 events is available in /cassini/data1/MDC4


Status - The analysis half of MDC4 was held for Friday, May 4 - Thursday, May 10

PWGs Expectations - The analysis focused on the new detectors and their physics capabilities

Spectra PWG - larger acceptance with FTPC

EbyE PWG - flow with FTPC

Strangeness PWG - first attempts to find v0's in FTPC

MDC4 Status Meetings

There was a telephone conference each Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm EST in the White Pit in Bldg. 118 (dial in x8261)

MDC4 Wrap-up Meeting


On Thursday, May 10 starting around 1:30pm EST there was a wrap-up meeting. Each sub-system was requested to summarize their experiences gained in MDC4 regarding efficiencies,problems encountered, etc. This summary should also contain a short summary on the new physics capabilities

JPWG Meeting

A PWG Workshop was held for Thursday, May 10 - Monday, May 14

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