Offline Software


Offline Software Organization & Development


Schematic overview

An overveiw of the offline software strucuture for MTD is shown. The detailed documentation can be found here: MTD software document



Macro: for running all the standard MTD makers on StEvent or MuDst input, see MTD macro.
Access MTD information: for examples to access the MTD hit information and pid information, please refer to the function processStEvent() and processMuDst() in StMtdQAMaker.

BFC options/workflow

For explicit definitions, see CVS log for StRoot/StBFChain/BigFullChain.h

  • mtd -- loads all MTD chain Makers: StMtdHitMaker, StMtdMatchMaker, and StMtdCalibMaker.
    • note: it may also need to include StBTofHitMaker and StVpdCalibMaker for VPD start time information
  • mtdSim -- Simulation chain: Loads StEvent and StMtdSimMaker
  • mtdDat -- Raw data chain only: loads StMtdHitMaker
  • mtdUtil -- loads StMtdUtil (usually automaticall included, no need to explicitly call)

Useful links

STAR CVS repository:STAR CVS

STAR Doxygen pages: StRoot (doxygen)