2008.09.16 QA plots for maximum sided residual (obsolete)

Ilya Selyuzhenkov September 16, 2008

These results are obsolete.
Please use this link instead

Data sets:

  • pp2006 - STAR 2006 pp longitudinal data (~ 3.164 pb^1) after applying gamma-jet isolation cuts.
  • gamma-jet - data-driven Pythia gamma-jet sample (~170K events). Partonic pt range 5-35 GeV.
  • QCD jets - data-driven Pythia QCD jets sample (~4M events). Partonic pt range 3-65 GeV.

Notations used in the plots:

  • Fit peak energy:
    F_peak - integral within +-2 strips from maximum strip
    Maximum strip determined by fitting procedure.
    Float value converted ("cutted") to integer value.
  • Data peak energy:
    D_peak - energy sum within +-2 strips from maximum strip (the same strip Id as for F_peak).
  • Data tails:
    D_tail^left and D_tail^right.
    Energy sum from 3rd strip up to 30 strips on the
    left and right sides from maximum strip (excludes strips which contributes to D_peak)
  • Fit tails:
    F_tail^left and F_tail^right.
    Same definition as for D_tail, but integrals are calculated from a fit function.
  • Maximum sided residual:
    Maximum of the data minus fit energy on the left and right sides from the peak.

Figure 1: D_peak from [U+V]/2.

Figure 2: U/V asymmetry for D_peak: [U-V]/[U+V]

Figure 3: F_peak from [U+V]/2.

Figure 4: U/V asymmetry for F_peak: [U-V]/[U+V]

Figure 5: (D_peak - F_peak)/D_peak asymmetry

Figure 6: Maximum sided residual from V vs. U plane.

Figure 7: (D_tail-F_tail)^right vs. (D_tail-F_tail)^left