2009.02.02 No pre-shower cuts, Normalization fudge factor 1.24

Ilya Selyuzhenkov February 02, 2009

Data sets

  • pp2006 - STAR 2006 pp longitudinal data (~ 3.164 pb^1)
    Trigger: eemc-http-mb-L2gamma [id:137641]
  • gamma-jet[gamma-filtered] - data-driven Prompt Photon [p6410EemcGammaFilter] events.
    Partonic pt range 2-25 GeV.
  • QCD jets[gamma-filtered] - data-driven QCD [p6410EemcGammaFilter] events.
    Partonic pt range 2-25 GeV.

Cuts applied

  • Di-jet events
  • Require to reconstruct photon momentum (no gamma-jet isolation cuts)
  • Gamma pt > 7GeV
  • L2gamma emulation in Monte-Carlo
  • L2gamma triggered pp2006 events
  • cos (phi_jet - phi_gamma) < -0.8
  • detector |eta_jet|< 0.8
  • |v_z| < 100


All figures:

  • All pre-shower conditions combined, No pre-shower cuts
  • Thick blue line shows MC sum: QCD + gamma-jet
  • Black solid circles: pp2006 data
  • Monte-Carlo results first scaled to 3.164 pb^-1 according to Pythia luminosity
    and then an additional fudge factor of 1.24 has been applied.
    Fudge factor is defined as the yields ratio from data to scaled with Pythia luminosity Monte-Carlo
    for pt_jet>7GeV and pt_gamma>7 candidates

Figure 1: Vertex z distribution with pt_jet>7 cut (left) and without pt_jet cut (rigth)

Figure 2: Photon (left) and away side jet (right) pt

Figure 3: Photon detector eta (left) and corrected for vertex eta (right)

Figure 4: Away side jet detector eta (left) and corrected for vertex eta (right)

Figure 5: Preshower 1 (left) and Pre-shower2 (right) energy