2009.10.30: Jason EEMC geometry: Jason with ELED block from CVS file

FYI: Alice blog on ELED block study

Monte-Carlo setup:

  • One photon per event
  • Disabled SMD layers (EXPS EBLS EFLS) in Jason geometry
  • Put ELED block from CVS file into Jason geometry
  • geometry configurations without LOW_EM option
    (using Victor's geometry fix)
  • Throw particles flat in eta (1.08, 2.0), phi (0, 2pi), and pt (6-10 GeV)
  • Using A2Emaker to get reconstructed Tower/SMD energy
    (no EEMC SlowSimulator in chain)
  • Vertex z=0
  • ~50K/per particle type
  • Non-zero energy: 3 sigma above pedestal

Geometry configurations and notations (shown in the center of the plot):

  1. full-cvs: Full STAR with geometry file from CVS (cAir-fixed)
  2. full-j: EEMC only with Jason geometry file (disabled 3-new SMD layers, ELED block replaced with that from CVS)

Figure 1: Sampling fraction 1x1 (up-left), 2x1 (up-right), 3x3 (low-left), total energy (low-right)

Figure 2: Sampling fraction pre1 (up-left), pre2 (up-right), SMD-u (low-left), post (low-right)

Figure 3: Shower shapes (left) and shower shape ratio (right)