Neutral Pion Paper: 2005 ALL & <z>

Neutral Pion Paper for 2005 data: Final Results.

There are two spin plots planned for the paper, one with the 2005 A_LL and one with the <z>. In addition to this the cross section will be included (analysis by Oleksandr used for publication).


Final result for A_LL:


Figure 1: Double longitudinal spin asymmetry for inclusive Pi0 production. The curves show predictions from NLO pQCD calculations based on the gluon distributions from the GRSV, GS-C and DSSV global analyses. The systematic error shown by the gray band does not include a 9.4% normalization uncertainty due to the polarization measurement.


The chi2/ndf for the different model curves are:

GRSV Std: 0.740636
GRSV Max: 3.49163
GRSV Min: 0.94873
GRSV Zero: 0.546512
GSC: 0.513751
DSSV: 0.543775



Final Result for <z>:

Figure 2: Mean momentum fraction of Pi0s in their associated jet as a function of p_T for electromagnetically triggered events. The data points are plotted at the bin center in pion p_T and are not corrected for acceptance or trigger effects. Systematic errors, estimated from a variation of the cuts, are shown by the grey band underneath the data points. The lines are results from simulations with the PYTHIA event generator. The solid line includes detector effects simulated by GEANT, while the dotted line uses jet finding on the PYTHIA particle level. The inset shows the distribution of pT, π / pT, Jet for one of the bins, together with a comparison to PYTHIA with a full detector response simulation.


Below are links to details about the two results.