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2009.10.02 Jason vs. CVS EEMC geometry: sampling fraction and shower shapes

Tests with Jason geometry file (ecalgeo.g23)

Monte-Carlo setup:

10 Oct

October 2009 posts

EEMC geometry file (ecalgeo)

Concerning the High Mass Tail on the Pion Peak

At the PWG meeting a few weeks ago, people expressed concerns about the high-mass tail from the pion peak that, for higher PT bins, is underestimated by the pion peak simulation.

FHC cosmic ray test

Speaker : Xuan Li ( Shandong Univ. )

Talk time : 10:10, Duration : 00:20

Data MC comparison

 Data and MC comparison for pion mass peak position..


Comparison with Other Results

Below you will find comparisons of the Run 6 cross section with recent Phenix results and the STAR Run 5 final result.  The lower panel is the statistical error on the Run 6 points.

2009.09.11 Test of corrected EEMC geometry: LOW_EM cuts

Test of corrected EEMC geometry: SVT and LOW_EM cuts

Monte-Carlo setup:


Preliminary Presentation (8/27/09)

The link below has the presentation for preliminary cross section result.

Cockcroft-Walton HV system

Speaker : Leonard Eun ( PSU )

Talk time : 11:20, Duration : 00:20

Linearity Check in fixed ecalgeo.g

Abstract:  A bug in the EEMC geometry has been identified.  Lines such as "Material Air isvol=0" have an unexpected (read undocumented) behavior: they create a new materi

2009.08.17 Direct photon - charge particle correlation paper GPC

proposed modification ot the title/abstract

Extracting gamma-jet cross section at forward rapidity from pp@200GeV collisions

Analysis overview

  1. Data samples, event selection, luminosity determination
  2. Isolating photon-jet events
    • Transverse shower shape analysis

Verify that the fast simulator sees all of the energy deposited in geant

Verififcation that the EEMC fast simulator sees the correct energy deposit registered by geant.

Polarizations for each fill

2009.06.22 CIPANP 2009 photon-jet proceedings

CIPANP 2009 proceedings on photon-jet study

"Photon-jet coincidence measurements
in polarized pp collisions at sqrt{s}=200 GeV

CNI P-Carbon Polarimeters 500GeV polarization profile rough show

    CNI P-Carbon Polarimeters 500GeV Polarization Profile


Use this page to hold drafts for Run 10-11 BUR written during May of 2009

2009.04.17 WSU nuclear seminar

The STAR spin program with longitudinally polarized proton beams