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FMS-EEMC update Oct7

FMS-EEMC analysis (Sep 30)

FMS-EEMC systematic studies

FMS-EEMC systemactic studies

FMS-EEMC update Aug12

EEMC update July 5th

FMS-EEMC update Jun 30

EEMC jet-like cone radius studies

A thought regarding pT dependence of pion mass peak

It is known that the mean of the pi0 mass peak increases with pT.  Here's one thought I had, as well as a way to test the idea.  The following is focused on pi0's in the endcap, but also applies to the barrel.

FMS-EEMC jet correlation centrality dependency

FMS-EEMC centrality correlations

FMS-BEMC centrailty studies:

Summary of EEMC Code

I've attempted to write a summary of various codes used for reconstructing particles using the EEMC.  A pdf document can be found here

Using Alice's Pion Example with the Scheduler

Here is an example of how to run Alice's pion code example with the scheduler.  This also solves the problem of finding the correct files.  If you run her example macro as is, you will find that most of the files she hardcoded in her data09.lis file are not accessable, yeilding many errors from root4star.  So try the following.

Transversity from Di-hadron correlations

Very Forward Proposal and THICK GEM Status

Two files:  Very Forward Proposal and THICK GEM Status

Pion Tracking issues 12-3-2010

Draft of pre-DNP 2010 Spin Highlights Talk


In version 6 I made the following changes:

1) Changed the proton sum rule to the proton sum and it is now 1/2 = 1/2DSigma +DG +L

Draft of pre-DNP 2010 Workshop Talk

I have tried to make most of the changes suggested by people:

1) Substituted the 'offical' dijet A_LL preliminary plot from Tai Sakuma

Zach Nault's DNP2010 Poster

Here is Zach Nault's DNP2010 Poster, OCT 27 Version:

Bob Manweiler


Update on FMS Readiness for Run 11

A few slides to discuss FMS readiness for Run 11.