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Run 12 and 13 Integrated Luminosity Totals

see attached files below for runs 12 and 13 pp500

data from Jamie's luminosity tracker:

RP Track Criteria Tests

A_LL Polarimetry LUT -- Part 2


Run 12 Transverse pp200 Relative Luminosity Ideas

These are notes from my log book:

bit mapping

STAR Collaboration Meeting -- OSU -- Summer 2016

Run-11 Transverse Jets: Jet Call, August 3, 2016


Run-11 Transverse Jets: Digging Deeper into TOF-dE/dx Comparisons (Part II)

Carl points out one potential issue with the TOF fits. In regions where the kaon and proton peaks are best constrained, the statistics are low enough that the Gaussian assumption is invalid.

A_LL Systematics from Transverse Component of Polarization

The transverse component of the polarization during a longitudinal data-taking period can bias the measured double-spin asymmetry by a transverse double-spin asymmetry, weighted by the transverse comp

A_LL Background Asymmetry

General idea: fit side-band regions to gain an idea of the shape of the background under the pion signal.

A_LL Polarimetry LUT

PART TWO IS LINKED HERE -- Includes error propagation and luminosity-weighted averaging

Run-11 Transverse Jets: Digging Deeper into TOF-dE/dx Comparisons

There is a striking discrepancy between the signal fractions derived from TOF and those derived from dE/dx. Here, I investigate a bit deeper, targeting the first z-bin.

A_LL Systematics from Relative Luminosity

FMS+RP analysis update

We now have a way of producing "OFiles" from MuDSTs, which contain a tree of FMS clusters, hits, and photons, compatible with the PSU root12fms framework, just before the stage where pi

Run-11 Transverse Jets: Updated TOF PID Proposal

The last remaining obstacle for the low-pT results is to fold in TOF information to the PID estimates.

A_LL PAPER STATUS LOG--------------------------------------------------------------

23 September 2016 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SPIN2016 abstract

DIS 2016 - proceedings

Drifting FMS Trigger Thresholds for Run12 pp500

In the trigger trees, L2sum is a 64 bit stream of trigger level 2 outputs, taking into account prescaling; it is stored as an array of two C++ ints.

DIS 2016 -- Proceedings

Run-11 Transverse Jets: Updated PID Systematic Proposal

I have folded the previously discussed PID systematic proposal into the high-pT Collins analysis. Here, I will lead with the bottom-line.