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2010.04.17 Pythia/BFC gamma-filter accaptance vs. gamma candidate pt, energy, and eta

Data sample used:
Pythia prompt photon Monte-Carlo (partonic pt bins are combined without weights)

2010.04.09 BFC and Pythia QA: 10% gain shift

04 Apr

April 2010 posts

2010.03.02 Endcap photon-jets simulation request (draft)

Request last updated on Jul 21, 2010

03 Mar

March 2010 posts

2010.02.16 Pythia and BFC filter QA vs. gamma candidate pt and eta

QCD and gamma-jet data samples and filter configurtions are given here

Note: for this study I have used ideal EEMC gains (no gain shift/spread)

2010.02.12 Final Pythia and BFC EEMC-gamma-filter paramter settings

Pythia generated processes

Prompt photons (gamma-jets)

2010.02.11 BFC and Pythia QA: Gain spread=0.05, mean=0.95

2010.02.10 Money plots for W cross section

2010.02.09 BFC and Pythia QA: relative to trigger

2010.02.08 StEemcGammaFilterMaker QA: QCD vs. gamma-jet ccept/reject rates

StEemcGammaFilterMaker QA

Pythia generated processes

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February 2010 posts

2010.01.26 Endcap/Barrel clustering with official W-MC

Simulations: official pp 500GeV pythia W production

Two channels being analyzed:

2006 Neutral Pion Paper Page

Proposed Title:  "Double longitudinal spin asyymetry and cross sectrion for inclusive neutral pion production at midrapidity in polarized proton collisions at Sqrt(s) = 2

2010.01.18 W test sample: Cluster ratios and skewed gaussian fits

W test sample from Lidia/Jason. MuDst's from /star/data08/users/starreco/recowtest/

Two channels being analyzed:

2010.01.18 EEMC response 2006 vs. 2009: typo in TPC volume size bug fix

2010.01.15 W test sample QA: Pass 3

QA of the test W-sample from Lidia/Jason.
generated MuDst are from /star/data08/users/starreco/recowtest/

2010.01.13 W test sample QA: Pass 2


QA of the test W-sample from Lidia/Jason.
generated MuDst are from /star/simu/jwebb/01-11-2010-w-test-production/

Pythia gamma-jet