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Run 15 transverse OFile production status

STAR Collaboration Meeting -- Lehigh -- Summer 2018 -- FMS and RP correlations

FMS+RP zero-RP-track events from RP deadtime or real zeros

SPIN 2018 -- Gluon Helicity at STAR

DNP 2018 -- Searching for diffractive contributions to A_N in forward pi0s


Single Cluster and Jettier Cluster A_LL Cross-Check for Runs 12 and 13

A referee report has asked if we looked at single-cluster events and jettier events.

-- here are the single-photon cone-clusters' asymmetries

Status on Analysis Maker (muDSTs to OFiles)

Spin PWG May 14

Responses to Collaboration and Institutional Review of A_LL Paper

A_LL Data Tables

outer eta region:

A_LL Post-Code-Review Re-Analysis

A_LL pT systematic correlations and mass window adjustment

GPC Meeting Updates

GPC Update I -- 2/16/18
Code review intro, impact of including N_{\gamma}>2 cone-clusters

Paper Proposal -----------------------------------------> Jets A_{LL} 2013

Title: Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry for inclusive jet and dijet production in polarized proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=510$ GeV

STAR Collaboration Meeting -- LBNL -- Winter 2018 -- FMS and RP correlations

RP Track and FMS Pion Correlations

Applying g(E) Corrections to A_LL Analysis -- Effects

Note on BG correction dependence on Pion Purity Variations

The following figure shows the pion purity for each pT bin used in the A_LL analysis; this was copied from the analysis note.

A_LL Analysis Code


Repository Name: main asymmetry analysis is in "spinlong"

A_LL Analysis Note