Spin PWG

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High Mass Distributions

Trigger-by-trigger mass distributions with the following cuts:

  • 2 photons
  • Z<0.5

FMS-RP overlap and FMS-FMS trigger overlap

Kinematic Distributions before and i8

There was a noticeable change in kinematic distributions after i8, the last iteration. Some of the differences are attributed to prescale changes.

For all plots below:

W reconstructed - xsec ratio update - Spin PWG April 02, 2015

Kinematic Correlations for Different Triggers


first plot is distribution of triggers

FMS Maps

Mapping Tables:
These are tables of FMS cell coordinates, channel numbers, patch panel coordinates, QT coordinates, and HV coordinates

Run 15 LED Signal Resolutions -- PART 2

Run 15 FMS Readiness Update (day37)

Sum of ADC counts for all events taken during an LED run on the last official day of access before the pp run.

HV set points:
Large Cells: -1300 V
Small Cells: 0xA0

Run 15 LED Signal Resolutions -- PART 1

NOTE: this blog post defines resolution as (gaussian fit sigma) / (gaussian fit mean); the update to this blog post, found

Run 15 PMT Gain Curves


Yearly Tasks

This page will serve as documentation for several yearly tasks. Not all of these are spin-pwg related tasks, but should be documented somewhere public, and then can be linked elsewhere if necessary.

Jet Finding

 -Jet algorithms
-Trigger Bias studies (can be links to specific analysis)

Relevant Links

Jet Trees

 This page should give
-documentation of branches
-example code (MC/Data)

2011 Pions in Jets A_UT @ 500 GeV

What Is Measured?

  • The azimuthal transverse single-spin asymmetries in the production of jets and of pions within jets from p+p collisions at 500 GeV
  • Inclusive jet

SPIN 2014 -- Presentation, Preliminary Plots, Proceedings

Progress on fitting chi-squared, jetphox, etc

DNP 2014 Abstract


RHIC-AGS 2014 Users Meeting GEM Poster


Notes on JETPHOX

      Some notes about JETPHOX.  When the questions arose during Hal's talk on direct gamma
my mike was broken.
Dave Underwood

X-ray of material in front of STAR EEMC using pi0s for 2006, 2009, and some MC

A method of determining the number of radiation lengths of material between vertex and the EEMC as a function of position by using pi0s, and isolated towers and preshower 1 appears to work well.