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X-ray of material in front of STAR EEMC using pi0s for 2006, 2009, and some MC

A method of determining the number of radiation lengths of material between vertex and the EEMC as a function of position by using pi0s, and isolated towers and preshower 1 appears to work well. 

Check of EndCap SMD Connector Orientation

Jian Deng's slides on hyperon spin transfer for SPIN2012

Analysis update for the forward+near-forward correlation study

Please see the file in the attachment.

FMS-EEMC update jet-corr 20120305

FMS-EEMC systematic study, Jan 12

FMS-EEMC systematic study

Exploring Fake Pi0 -- Umass vs Vmass

Relative Luminosity Analysis

Documentation for Relative Luminosity Analysis at STAR:

FMS-EEMC update 2011-12-30

FMS-EEMC update Dec. 16

Azimuthal Angle Studies

When using the simple ("Mickey Mouse") MC generator and y2006h geometry to produce single photons in a very small pT, eta and phi domain, a strange pattern was observed in the number of pairs meeting neutral pion cuts.  The following are some plots to the related study.  This was a combined effort of myself and Hal Spinka.

FMS-EEMC update Dec9

Very Forward Detector

EEMC Pi0 2006+2009 & New Reconstruction Method

Incluses summary of efforts at ANL regarding pi0 analysis with the endcap and a descritption of the new ANL EEMC reconstruction algorithm.

Speaker : Stephen Gliske

Talk time : 13:30, Duration : 00:30

FMS-EEMC update (underlying event in the BEMC) Oct 27

FMS-EEMC update (Oct 18)

FMS-EEMC update Oct14

FMS-EEMC update Oct7

FMS-EEMC analysis (Sep 30)