Introduction at Spin PWG meeting - 5/10/07

I've been working on a project to make the datasets from the various longitudinal spin analyses underway at STAR available in a common set of trees.  These trees would improve our ability to do the kind of correlation studies that are becoming increasingly important as we move beyond inclusive analyses in the coming years.

In our current workflow, each identified particle analysis has one or more experts responsible for deciding just which reconstruction parameters and cuts are used to determine a good final dataset.  I don't envision changing that.  Rather, I am taking the trees produced by those analyzers as inputs, picking off the essential information, and feeding it into a single common tree for each run.  I am also providing a reader class in StSpinPool that takes care of connecting the various branches and does event selection given a run list and/or trigger list.


  • Readable without the STAR framework
  • Condenses data from several analyses down to the most essential ~10 GB (Run 6)
  • Takes advantage of new capabilities in ROOT allowing fast fill/run/trigger selection

Included Analyses

  • Event information using StJetSkimEvent
  • ConeJets12 jets (StJet only)
  • ConeJetsEMC jets (StJet only)
  • charged pions (StChargedPionTrack)
  • BEMC neutral pions (TPi0Candidate)
  • EEMC neutral pions (StEEmcPair?) -- TODO
  • electrons * -- TODO
  • ...

Current Status

I'm waiting on the skimEvent reproduction to finish before releasing.  I've got the codes to combine jets, charged pions, and BEMC pions, and I'm working with Jason and Priscilla on EEMC pions and BEMC electrons.