EEMC Status and Pedestal Tables


Run List

General Procedure:

1)  Produce ADC distributions from raw daq files as outlined here.

2)  Make ADC distributions for each EEMC channel and fit the histograms to get pedestal and rms values as shown here.

3)  Use StEEmcStatus to get status table information.  See the last two steps here.

Typical ADC Distribution of one EEMC channel:

Status codes appearing in Run 13:
ONLPED    0x0001 // only pedestal visible
STKBT        0x0002 // sticky lower bits
HIGPED      0x0010 // high chan, seems to work
WIDPED      0x0080 // wide ped sigma

"failed" status: 
fit fails, all entries in 1 channel, too many ADC = 0 bins, dead channel, stuck in another mode, HV was off, signal fiber broken, etc.

Lower bit(s) failed ("sticky bits"):

Entire run 13: 

  • a04TB07, a06TA07, a08TB07

Most of run 13:

  • a05TA12

One to several runs:

  • a01TD12, a04TD05, a05TA10, a06TB11, a06TE10, a08TE08, a09TA09, a11TA07

High pedestal:  a05TB01 for 6 runs

Wide ADC distribution:

Most of run 13
  • a03TB09
One to several runs
  • a12TC09, a03TB01, a03TB02, a03TB10, a06TD04, a09TD09, a11TA12, a12TD09, a02TD04, a02TD05, a03TB11, a03TD09

Status tables inserted where large time-gaps occur between emc-check runs:
Fill 17237  -->  use table from fill 17250
Fill 17263  -->  use table from fill 17268
Fill 17311  -->  use table from fill 17312
Fill 17328  -->  use table from fill 17329
Fill 17399  -->  use table from fill 17402
Fill 17426  -->  use table from fill 17427

Status tables inserted mid-fill due to major problems and fixes:
Fill 17333, Run 14096099  -->  use table from fill 17335
Fill 17484, Run 14130003  -->  use table from fill 17486
Fill 17573, Run 14152029  -->  use table from fill 17579
Fill 17586, Run 14152029  -->  use table from fill 17587

See this for MAPMT status info.
See this for MAPMT "diagnostic" details.