Status and Pedestal Tables

RunList Selection:
Use one good emc-check run with at least 50k events for each fill from pp510. Some fills did not have good emc-check run.

For pp510, total emc_check run list has 227 runs, some problematic (?) runs:
18065063, only has 1 event; 
18066002, second emc_check run in same fill, Shift Leader comment: 18065001 rate too high?
18087034, only has 1 event;
18092096, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18108002, second emc_check run in same fill.
18108043, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18109051, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18111048, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18111052, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18112046, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18113047, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18115037, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18115043, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18115047, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18115051, emc_check run pp energy, Blue 253.798GeV, Yellow 253.797GeV, smaller than normal value 254.867GeV.
18115055, emc_check run pp energy < 500GeV
18119001, Shift Leader Marked as Junk
18143047, second emc_check run in same fill.
The final list has 210 runs and is available: runList_2017_emc_check_final

Summary of tower:
tower status by fill
a01TA05: masked out on April 26th by Will
a01TC05: failed for part of the run
a02TA01: dead entire run
a02TC04: bad entire run
a02TC06: failed for part of the run
a03TE03: dead for one run
a03TE11: failed for two runs
a04TB07: stuck bit entire run
a04TC01: dead entire run
a05TA12: stuck bit entire run
a05TC12: dead entire run
a06TA03: failed entire run
a06TA07: stuck bit entire run
a07TB12: failed for one run
a07TC05: failed entire run
a08TB07: stuck bit entire run
a09TC04: dead for part of the run
a11TA08: dead entire run
a11TB07: failed for part of the run
a11TD01 dead for part of the run

a12TC05: bad entire run
a12TD01: failed for part of the run
a12TD09: failed for part of the run

Summary of MAPMT:
MAPMT status by fill

MAPMT Pedestal Width