Comparison of old (Run 7) to new (Run 8) EEMC tower HV's

At the end of run 7, we compared slopes for all EEMC towers with two sets of HV values in a series of consecutive runs.  The goal was to see if the new HV set would change the slopes in the 'expected' way, to bring the tower hardware gains into closer agreement with their ideal values.

Here is a summary of what we planned to do:  

What was actually done was send in a private email to a few people.  The email is attached below, along with two plots.  "2006TowerGains" shows the absolute gain determined for each tower, compared to its ideal value.  "2006Gains_x_SlopeRatio" is the same data, but each point has simply been scaled by the ratio of the slopes determined for the two data sets (old HV vs new HV).  Note that the correction is not just a calculation, but based only the slope measured for each tower before and after the new HV set was loaded.