ES&H reviews

 The material here is from several ES&H reviews and their follow ups.

compiled by Robert Pak 8/15/17

Attached is a folder of documents regarding safety reviews with C-AD you requested for distribution to DOE.  There were the following meetings (additional internal meetings and discussions with vendors occurred that are not included here):
i) ASSRC meeting on March 8th (Robert presented for Rahul).
ii) Engineering review of the installation platform on March 29th (Rahul presented remotely).
iii) ESRC meeting on May 8th (Flemming and Tonko presented).
iv) ASSRC meeting for enclosure with fire safety engineer on August 4th (Robert presented).
v) Installation platform inspection by C-AD on August 15th (no formal presentation).

Upcoming meetings include:
i) Meeting on tests in the clean area.
ii) ESRC meeting once power requirements for the new detector are finalized.
iii) ESRC walk through before turn on.