This page and the child page will contain information on the QA of sectors, organized by sector number
SN1001 is the prototype  SN00xx the production ones.

7/19/18 Added the daily test activity summary file. The daily updates are written by Qian, an has all entries in the file with the most recent first.

Latest version  8/26/2018

Hanseul made a nice webpage that  shares all update on the iTPC testing.

The traveller that is used for pre installation checks is attached to the page.

Summary of sector status  9/20/2018. A summary of problem sectors that should be considered as spare,
and not installed. Powerpoint File.

10/15/2018 screenshot of testing status at BNL

The material in the child pages are copies of the LBNL google pages, and additional analysis results that may have ben performed.

The LBL assembly instructions including check points is attached
The work at LBNL is completed as per 5/16/2018 and last sectors send to SDU

6/6/2018 : A pdf version of the final filled out smartsheet is saved here

6/6/2018: Jim  and Howard have analyzed all the survey measurements. The spreadsheet that summarizes the results is attached here.

The Chinese travellers are updated to Quinghua's blog page

The travellers for testing at BNL are posted on

Travellers from the pre-installation check saved under each SNXXXX folder.
ITPC status  10/15/2018 . All sectors at BNL checked

The two failed sectors SN0027 and SN0020 had separated in wide corners. Look fo repairs at LBL.
SN0024 failed the very sensitive He-leak test at LBL vacuum was 10-4 above the limits. It can be shipped to SDU
and see if it passes the Ar sniffer test.
SN0028 had failed complete along long edge. May be difficult to repair should be set aside.

The article 31-36 are the additional strongbacks to be bonded. Padplanes on, sidemount done. Waiting for final machiung, CMM and cleaning.
It is believed that SN0012, SN0027 and SN0021 are repairable, planned to be done during feb-March until the strongbacks arrive from IMT

Washing procedure changes ; double check vacuum, refill with glyptal.

The padplane connectivity and checkout QA is in the summary attached, and provide a list of all pad planes (34) inspected and the summary from the
QA sheets used during inspection

Reports on various issue, found and resolved. This is work in progress

January 3, 2018
  Report on shipping temperature for SN 1001

December 15, 2017
  Report on 2 FEE slots in SN0025 blocked by epoxy    

February 2, 2018

De-bonding of PCB to Al  (GG wire) SN0015    

March 21, 2018
 Report on pad plane drilling survey at LBL for last 7

March 4, 2018
 Report of shifted GG board on SN0012

April 3, 2018
Report of grounded pins on ABDB board on SN0008

Shipping of sectors

August 2018  SN0014,1715 and 10
The temperature from the USB file.
The box was opened on August 2.
The pdf of the graph is here.

September 18 SN0001, 17, 31
Temperature from sensor for shipment