CuAu200 (2012) First Calibration

 StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker has been modified to include east vs. west histograms and ntuple quantities, though it still uses primary vertices which are reconstructed using both TPC halves, and I may not have taken into account all the places that this needs to be accounted (e.g. no accounting in GridLeak calibration). To enable the "asymmetric" mode of running, one needs to set the mode to 5, which can be achieved with the BFC chain options "SCScalerCal,goptSCE100005". However, Calib_SC_GL.C has not been modified to work with the asymmetry, so this calibration is not a global fit, but is run separately on east and west tracks (though, again, the primary vertices are found using both TPC halves).

The first set of plots shows the results of running Calib_SC_GL.C using the west side quantities, and the second set of plots is for the east.



The final values uploaded to the database reflect the GL and SO (offset) that came from using all tracks (east + west), but the value of SC is chosen from using the west side only, and the East/West ratio is from the ratio of SC using each side individually. The following was inserted into the database with beginTime of "2012-05-16 00:00:00":
sc = (5.727e-07) * (vpdx - 1387)
ewratio = 1.0374
GL = 10.07