2008.06.18 Photon-jet reconstruction with the EEMC detector (talk at the STAR Collaboration meeting)

Ilya Selyuzhenkov June 18, 2008


Photon-jet reconstruction with the EEMC detector - Part 1: pdf or odp

Talk outline (preliminary)

  1. Introduction and motivation
  2. Data samples (pp2006, MC gJet, MC QCD bg)
    and gamma-jet reconstruction algorithm:

  3. Comparing pp2006 with Monte-Carlo simulations scaled to the same luminosity
    (EEMC pre-shower sorting):

  4. EEMC SMD shower shapes from different data samples
    (pp2006 and data-driven Monte-Carlo):

  5. Sided residual plots: pp2006 vs data-driven Monte-Carlo
    (gammas from eta meson: 3 gaussian fits)

  6. Various cuts study:

  7. Some QA plots:

  8. A_LL reconstruction technique:

  9. Work in progress... To do list:

    • Understading MC background and pp2006 data shower shapes discrepancy
    • Implementing sided residual technique with shapes sorted by pre1&2 (eta, sector, etc?)
    • Tuning analysis cuts
    • Quantifying signal to background ratio
    • Background subtraction for A_LL, ...
    • What else?
  10. Talk summary