2010.01.18 W test sample: Cluster ratios and skewed gaussian fits

W test sample from Lidia/Jason. MuDst's from /star/data08/users/starreco/recowtest/

Two channels being analyzed:

  • wtest10000 W+  -> e+ nu
  • wtest10001 W-   -> e- nu

Figure 1: Lepton yield vs. rapidity (no cuts)

Figure 2: Lepton yield vs. pt and energy
(left) no rapidity cuts
(right) |lepton_eta| < 1

Cluster energy vs. original lepton energy

All plots below with |lepton_eta| < 1

Skewed gaussian fits: [const]*exp(-0.5*((x-[mean])/([sigma]*(1+[skewness]*(x-[mean]))))**2)

Figure 3: Lepton E1x1/E_geant energy ratio

Figure 4: Lepton E2x2/E_geant energy ratio

Figure 5: Lepton E3x3/E_geant energy ratio