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Run 15 Spin QA Update 3

 An update on run 15 spin qa after doing the pAu and pAl periods

List of fills that had runs taken out, with run numbers


Partial Wave Expansion IFF


Plots for the GPC - July 14, 2015

We have removed from the draft the figure showing the correction factor (former figure 1 of draft v4.3)

Jet Finding

 -Jet algorithms
-Trigger Bias studies (can be links to specific analysis)

Relevant Links

Jet Trees

 This page should give
-documentation of branches
-example code (MC/Data)

Notes on JETPHOX

      Some notes about JETPHOX.  When the questions arose during Hal's talk on direct gamma
my mike was broken.
Dave Underwood

Relative Luminosity Analysis

Documentation for Relative Luminosity Analysis at STAR:

EEMC Pi0 2006+2009 & New Reconstruction Method

Incluses summary of efforts at ANL regarding pi0 analysis with the endcap and a descritption of the new ANL EEMC reconstruction algorithm.

Speaker : Stephen Gliske

Talk time : 13:30, Duration : 00:30

Very Forward Proposal and THICK GEM Status

Two files:  Very Forward Proposal and THICK GEM Status

Analysis flow chart

EEMC related MuDst/jet/skim/gamma trees location

Main directory for Ilya's private directory files at RCF IUCF disk:


2009 Endcap geometry update (ecalgeo6.g)

2009/2010 GEANT geometry file update summary (ecalgeo v6.0):

Scheduler xml template file examples

Official scheduler documentation

Schedule template file examples:

L2Egamma trigger emulator howto

Running Run 6 L2 gamma trigger emulator

  TObjArray* HList=new TObjArray;

Run 6 and Run 9 bfc chain examples

Run 9 bfc options with EEMC slow and fast simulators (EEfs EEss):

Kumac file examples

Examples of different kumac files:

Run 6 Dijet Double Longitudinal Spin Asymmetry (Tai Sakuma)

Dijet Double Longitudinal Spin Asymmetry ALL in Proton-proton collisions at √s = 200 GeV

Tai Sakuma

Run 6 Dijet Cross Section (Tai Sakuma)

Dijet Cross Sections in Proton-proton collisions at √s = 200 GeV

Tai Sakuma

2010.09.23 Neutral energy jet shape comparison for various tunes

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