Tower and SMD info


This is a plot of the tower status as a function of relative day (since the start of the second longitudinal period.)  The 4800 towers are on the Y-Axis and Days are on the X axis.  A dot means that that tower had a status other than good during that time period.

Tower Status Geometry

The below plots show the status as a function of phi and eta for different days representing different status periods.  The title of the histogram refers to the relative day in the second longitudinal period (e.g. hGeomStatus_5 is for the fifth day of long-2.)  The x and y axes correspond to detector phi and eta, and any space that is not white is considered a 'bad' tower.  As you can see, for most of the barell for most of the time, most of the towers are good.  Only for specific day ranges are there chunks of the barrel missing.




SMD Status


These two plots were made by Priscilla and they show the SMD status flags for SMD strips vs. Fill number.  In these plots the strip number is plotted along the X-axis and the fill index number is plotted along the Y-Axis.  Priscilla's fill index list can be found here.  The important range for my particular analysis (i.e. the second longitudinal range) runs between fill indices 41 - 74.  For my analysis I ignore any SMD strip that has a status other than good (== 0).

SMD Status Geometry

The plots below show the smd status as a function of geometry.  The location of the strip in eta-phi space (w/ phi on the x axis and eta on the y axis.)  You can see the eta and phi strip planes for four different fills (representative of different configurations) 7855, 7891, 7921, and 7949.  Using Priscilla's iindexing these fills correspond to fills 46, 57, 68, and 72 in the above plots.  We can see that these runs mark the beginning of major changes in the status tables, and each plot below represents a relativley stable running period.  For my analysis I consider any area that is not light blue (i.e. any area with status other than 1) to be bad.  Please note the difference between the SMD geometry plots and the BTOW geometry plots, namely, in the SMD plots whitespace represents 'bad' strips, whereas in the BTOW plots whitespace represents 'good' towers.  All plots below were made by Priscilla.