Event Ratios


This plot shows, as a function of run number, the number of L2-G triggered events divided by the number of minbias triggers (w/ prescale.)  This shows all the runs, before any outliers are removed.

This plot above shows a the histograms of the top plots.  There is some subtlety here (as you have probably noticed) in that the data needs to be analyzed in four sets.  The largest set (corresponding to the top left histogram) is all of the L2-G triggers from the 'production' level data, which consists of all the runs after ~100.  The other three sets are all subsets of the 'test' status (i.e. the first ~100 runs) and reflect changes in the prescale and threshold levels.  The characteristics from each subset are noted below.

Runs 3 -14 (top right):
Initial test thresholds
Prescale = 1

Runs 23 - 44 (lower left):
Higher thresholds (?)
Prescale = 2

Runs 45 - 93 (lower right):
Lower thresholds
Prescale = 1

Runs 93+ (top left):
Final thresholds (5.2 GeV)
Prescale = 1

The above plot shows the event ratio after outliers have been removed.  To identify these outliers I took a four-sigma cut around the mean for each of the four histograms shown above, and removed any runs that fell outside this cut.  The list of outlying runs and thier characteristics can be found here.