02) relative BSMD-E gains from 1M dAu events


 Glimpse of relative calibration of BSMDE from 2008 d+Au data


Input: 1M dAu minb events from runs: 8335112+8336019

Method : fit slopes to individual strips, as discussed 01) raw spectra


Fig 1

Examples of raw pedestal corrected spectra for first 9 strips, 1M dAu events

Fig 2

Detailed view on first 500 strips. X=stripID for all plots.

  1. Y=mean of the gauss fit to pedestal residuum, in ADC channels, error=sigma of the gauss.
  2. Y=integral of over 20 ADC channels starting from ped+5*sig. Raw spectra,
  3. Y=gain defined as "-slope" from the exponential fit over ADC range  20-40  channels, errors from expo fit. Blue line is constant fit to gains.

Fig 3

BSMDE strips cover the whole barrel and eta-phi representation is better suited to present 18K strips in one plot.

  1. Mapping of BSMDE-softID (Z-axis) in to eta-phi space. Eta bin 0 is eta=-1.0, eta bin 299 is eta=+1.0. Phi bin 0 starts at 12:30 and advances as phi angle. 
  2. gains for majority of 18K BSMDE strips. White means no data or discarded by rudimentary QA of peds, yields or slope.

Fig 4

For reference spectra from 1M pp events from ~12 EmcCheck runs from days 47-51. It proves I did it and it was naive on my side to expect 1M pp events is enough.

Fig 5

More pp events spectra - lot of problems with DB content.