DELETE - Run 9 BSMD Status Update 4 (4/27)


After further investigations -- specifically looking at strips that had a significant secondary peak, entirely separated from the main peak, with a max of ~40, which were not being caught by my cuts -- I have again revised my criteria for status bit 2.  Again, I begin by looking for peaks.  If a peak candidate is less than three sigma from the peak of the strip ADC distribution (strip and peak both taken from the gaussian fit), the same cuts are imposed: the candidate must be greater than the four (if sigma>6) or two (if sigma<6) channels on on either side of it, it's content must be greater than 5% of the maximum of the strip ADC distribution, and the depth must be at least 5% of the maximum of the strip ADC distribution.  If the strip has two such peaks with the maximum of the depths greater than 20% of the maximum of the strip ADC distribution, or has only one peak but that peak is at least one sigma away from gaussian fit peak, it is given bad status 2.  Note the only change here is that the previously a strip with only one peak could be marked bad if it was 75% of sigma away from the gaussian fit peak.

Most of the changes have to do with candidates that are at least three sigma from the gaussian fit peak.  In this case the cuts are relaxed: the bin content need only be .5% of the max, not 5%, though it still must be at least 10, and the peak depth is required to only be at least 5% of the peak itself, not of the max.  A more than three-sigma peak has the same requirements for the number of channels it must be greater than: however, none of those channels can have value 0.  Any strip with a candidate that passes these criteria is automatically given bad status 2. 

Pdfs for crates 1 and 2 are attached (but note that the crate 1 and crate 2 pdfs contain the first and second 15 modules, respectively, and therefore crate 1 should actually be labeled crate 2 and crate 2 is really crate 4).