DELETE - Run 9 BSMD Status Update 3 (4/24)


After looking more closely at the crate 1 channels I was forced to make serious revisions to status bit 2 from the previous update.  The new status bit 2 test is as follows:

First, I scan through the strip ADC distribution looking for peaks.  A peak is defined as a channel that is greater than or equal to the four or two channels to either side (if the sigma of the fit to the strip ADC distribution is greater than or less than six, respectively), has a content that is greater than 5% of the maximum of the strip ADC distribution, and has a depth greater than 5% of the maximum of the strip ADC distribution.  The depth is calculated by first calculating the difference between the peak content and the channel content for each of the four or two channels on either side of the peak.  The maximum of these differences is obtained for the left and right sides separately, and the depth is then equal to the lesser of these two maxima.

If the strip has more than one peak and the maximum of the depths is greater than 20% of the maximum of the strip ADC distribution, then the strip is given bad status 2.  If the strip has only one peak (which is then necessarily the maximum of the entire distribution) but the distance between that peak and the peak obtained from the gaussian fit is greater than 75% of the sigma from the gaussian fit, the strip is given bad status 2 as well.  Attached is a pdf that has only the pedestal plots for all channels from crate 1.

Edit: I forgot that the BSMD crates don't increase with module number: what is labeled as crate 1 is actually crate 2, as that is the crate that has the first 15 modules, and the attachment labeled as crate 2 is the 2nd 15 modules and so actually crate 1.

2nd edit: This is now out of date, please see the new update.