07 BPRS peds vs. time


Fig 1. Change of BPRS pedestal over ... within the same fill, see softID~1000

Pedestal residua (Y-axis) vs. softID (X-axis), same reference pedestals used from day 67 (so some peds are wrong for both runs)  were used both plots.

Only fmsslow events, no further filtering, capID corruption fixed in fly.

Top run 9066001, start 0:11 am, fill 9989

Bottom run 9066012, start 2:02 am, fill 9989



Fig 2. Run list. system config was changed between those 2 runs marked in blue.

Fig 3. zoom in of run 9066001

Fig 4. another example of BPRS ped jump between runs: 9068022 & 9068032, both in the same fill.