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2010.09.10 Data to MC comparison with official EEMC gamma filtered production

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Event selection

  1. Official EEMC gamma

2010.09.08 First look at the official EEMC gamma filtered production

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09 Sep

September 2010 posts

2010.08.10 Timestamps study for the simulation request

Summary for the gamma filtered simulation request

Generate Monte-Carlo events for

2010.08.09 PyTune comparison with gamma candidates from dijets: Perugia0 vs. Pro-PT0

08 Aug

August 2010 posts

2010.07.23 PyTune comparison with photon candidates: Perugia0 vs. Pro-PT0

2010.07.22 Run 6 EEMC gamma-filtered simulation request

2010.07.20 EEMC simulation spreadsheet: prompt photons and QCD (Updated)

2010.07.16 Pythia/BFC gamma-filter bias tests with realistic gain variation

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2010.07.14 Pythia/BFC gamma-filter bias tests (vs. gamma pt, eta, energy, and phi)

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2010.07.09 Table of L0-BBC, L0-EEMC, and L2Egamma triggers biases

Real and simulated trigger decisions:

07 Jul

July 2010 posts

2010.06.30 Py-tunes (GEANT+L2e-gamma trigger) vs. Run 6 data

pre-DNP 2010 Workshop Abstract v2: Highlights from the STAR Spin Program

Version 2 of Abstract: Changed internal motion of quarks to parton transverse momentum

pre-DNP Workshop Abstract: Highlights from the STAR Spin Program

2010.06.18 L2e-gamma trigger effect: Py-CDF-Tune-A, Py-Perugia0, and pp2006 data comparison

2010.06.17 Pythia TuneA/Perugia0 filtered MC vs. pp2006 data

Data samples and colour coding

  1. black circles: pp2006 data
  2. open green: MC-QCD-TuneA,