We need to worry about a number of systematic effects that may change our measurement of ALL.  These effects can be broadly separated into two groups: backgrounds and non backgrounds.  The table below summarizes these systematic errors.  A detailed explanation of each effect can be found by clicking on the name of the effect in the table.



Systematic Effect value {binwise} (x10-3)
Low Mass Background  {1.0; 1.1; 3.8; 1.0}
Combinatoric Background  {1.0; 0.86; 1.6; .03}
Photon energy Uncertainty  {1.5; 3.4; 0.7; 1.5}
Non Longitudinal Components*  0.94
Relative Luminosity*  0.03
Total** {2.3; 3.8; 4.3; 2.0}


* These numbers were taken from the Jet Group

** Quadrature sum of all systematic errors