The measurement of ALL for inclusive neutral pion production is seen below along with statistical error bars and a systematic error band.  This asymmetry was calculated using a class developed by Adam Kocoloski (see here for .cpp file and here for .h file.)  Errors bars are statistical only and propagated by ROOT.  The gray band below the points represents the systematic uncertainties as outlined here.  The relative luminosities are calculated on a run by run basis from Tai's raw scalar counts.  Each BBC timebin is treated seperately.  The theory curves are GRSV predictions from 2005.  These will change slightly for 2006.



Bin    ALL (x10-2)

1      0.80 +/- 1.15

2      0.58 +/- 1.36

3      2.03 +/- 1.89

4      -0.84 +/- 3.06