HFT Management , including f2f meeting schedules

Management information for HFT.

There are several project specific mailing lists. Pertinent information on these can be found in this document

HFT management has roughly every 2-3 months face-to-face or phone conference meeting dealing with project status, and detailled sub-system reports.
The meeting content is usually placed on the STAR event drupal page. The list below includes the most recent, but not all historical links.


June 10, 2014: Face-2-face meeting at LBNL to prepare for the CD-4 Closeout review
Link to meeting agenda and talks.


September 10 at LBNL during STAR collaborations meeting.
Star HFT focus meeting. Link to agenda and talks 

July 10, HFT software workshop
link to agenda and talks


Tuesday December 3, Phone/EVO link to agenda and talks

Tuesday September 25, LBNL link to agenda and talks
Monday June 18, UIC link to agenda and talks

Friday May 25, BNL link to agenda and talks 

Wednesday March 14, LBNL link to Agenda and talks  

Tuesday January 10, LBNL/BNL link to agenda and talks


Monday November 14, LBNL link to Agenda and talks