HFT software meetings (overview)

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Meeting page references

January 7, 2015 Minutes and contribution on eventpage
  •  Run14 production - last issues
  • Run 15 preparations
-----HAPPY 2015----------

December 10, 2014  SSD software workshop at Kent State
      time table on Event-page

December 3, 2013 Minutes and contributions on eventpage
  •   SSD hit correlation
  • KF vs. Minuit Vertex Finder  Daniel Kiola
  • Geometry check/modifications SSD - Fl
  • STI tracking opt - Hao
  • Gamma tomography - various
  • SSD update - Jon.
October 29 2014
  • Summary of meeting with S&C
  • minuit and KFvertex Daniel - link
October 22 2014
  • Meeting with S&C
  •  Subsystem updates
  • HFT+MTD simulation Bingchu link 
October 16 2014 talks on event page
  • gamma tomography Andrezj Lipiec
  • KFVertex vs. VMiniut  amilkar
  • SSD geometry test update Jonathan

May 23 aganda: talks at event page 
  • StiSsd udpade Jonathan
  • PXl Global Alignment  Michael
  • Simulation Update  Yefei
  • PXL and IST hits Amilkar

February 28 agenda, talks  at event page
  • commissioning update 
  • Alignment checks
  • subsystem's update
February 21 agenda, talks  at event page
  • commissioning update
  • subsystem's update

February 7 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • commissioning update
  • subsystem's update
January 31 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • IST status Yaping

January 24 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • IST status and Plans Yaping
  • SSD Geometry update
January 17 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • RUN-14 Preparations
January 10 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • QA - discussion
  • Request for subsystem status
  • SSD geometry update
January 3 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • DCA-based alignment with zero field update
  • HFT geometry updates
  • UPC electrons in zero field simulations

December 20 talks on meeting event page
  • Cosmic Run plan
  • SSD geometry update

December 12 special FACE-2-FACE BNL meeting event page
Agenda and Talks at the event page.

December 6 talks on event page
  • IST/SSD alignment infrastructure work
  • PXL Pileup in Simulations report
  • Alignment updates from Mike and Xin
November 22 talks and minutes on event page
  • IST survey and online histograms 
  • SSD DAQ reader update
  • Run-13 Pxl alignment for all sectors

November 15 talks and minutes on event page
  • SSD survey work report. 
  • Geometry updates. 
  • Performance study for simulations
November 8 talks and minutes on event page
  • Alignment work reports. 
  • Simulation work updates. 
  • IST and SSD software work progress reports
November 1 talks  on event page
  •  Alignment challenge…with Blind Test on Simulation and Real Data. 
  • Simulation work updates. Xin circulated a plan and Jonathan is moving on setting it up.
  • IST software review. Yaping posted his latest updates. Last call before he sends this out
October 25  talks and minutes on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • Task-list: near term and readiness for Run14
    • Blind Alignment Tests and Simulations update
October 4  talks on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • LBL meeting agenda
    • FAST-QA preparations
    • Geometry/Simulation update
    • Analysis codes
    • Alignment with local histos 
September 27  talks on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • Alignment investigations
    • IST software preparations for the review
September 20  talks on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • DOE review
    • Alignement progress aand transformation puzzled
    • code review
    • simulation
  • PXL alignment slides ver 1.6 ver 1.5
  • Review software slides

September 13: talks and minutes on Event page
  • News, Software status and plans for upcoming reviews
  • PXL alignment

September 6: talks and minutes on Event page 
  • PXL alignment progress (pass 1.3) Spiros
  • IST Db Table proposal  Yaping
August 30 : talks on Event Page
  • HFT CA software  Jonathan
  • Event Display Update
  • IST software Yaping
  • Alignment Pass 1.3 Spiros
  • Global Plotting - Long Ma
           Minutes (Spiros)

August 23 talks on Event Page
  • IST software chain - Yaping (presented by Zhenyu)
  • Event display update -  Jonathan Bouchet
August 16 August 12  talks on STAR event page
August 2 talks on star event page
  • V0 finder with KFparticle Jonathan Bouchet
July 26 talks on STAR Event Page
  • Alignment pass1 and simulation results (5 files)
  • Pointing resolution and alignment between sectors (Xin Dong)

July 10 2013 Software Workshop
            Drupal event link


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