OPA mini-review October 2012


 One recommendation of the July OPA review was to conduct a mini-review in October, in particular to assess progress on SSD, but also to review progress on the few other recommendations.

The charge for the review was:


1. What is the status of the Silicon Strip Detector (SSD)?  Is management making progress towards addressing the technical issues of the SSD, and mitigating corresponding cost and schedule impacts?


2. Have there been any significant changes or risks affecting cost, schedule, and scope since the prior DOE/SC review?  If so, is appropriate management action being taken?


3.  Is the project addressing appropriately the recommendation(s) from the prior DOE/SC review(s)?


The review included 3 talks

- Overview F.Videbæk

- SSD Status J.Thomas

- Cost and schedule S.Morgan


The closeout had in essence the following recommendations:

      Submit BCR-4 to the NP Program Manager for review by November 1, 2012.

  •         Update the risk register and report changes to the NP Program Manager monthly beginning November 1, 2012.
  •          Provide preliminary summary lessons learned to date and corresponding project improvement actions to the NP Program   Manager by November 1, 2012.
  •          Report planned versus actual percent complete at WBS Level-2 beginning with the next Monthly Report.
  • ·         Conduct OPA mini-review in February 2013.