HFT Sub-system Integration

 Integration sub -system. 
reports, links to pictures

  • Assembly Notes for the Fall 2012 Assembly of the HFT Carbon Fiber Support structure, including the new beam pipe.   Bill Christie & Bob Soja word document
  • IDS assembly document for Fall 2012 word document
Mechanical for IDS

Electrostatics for IDS
  • Results of electrostatics tests at UIC Gerard Visser  word document  2011
  • Effect of ledge and aluminized mylar for WSC  Howard Wieman Fall 2011 powerpoint
  • Summary of Electrostatic Field Calculations for WSC Design DickMajka 19 August 2010 word document

Beam Pipe
  • Beam pipe design considerations D.Beavis, J.Brodowski, J.Scheblein, E.Andersen, 2009 file
  • Beam pipe effective radiation length design D.Beavis 2009 file

  • September 2012 Assembled and ready to install IDS by BNL photography LINK